Swansea University Transcription Centre Services

I am a print disabled student and want to find out which accessible formats of learning resources the Transcription Centre can provide.

We provide transcripts of module handbooks, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, journal articles, extracts and full books in electronic formats, large print, braille and accessible pdf files. We can also produce tactile diagrams.

We liaise with RNIB Bookshare and publishers on behalf of students to obtain pdf files of text books. These files can be further converted into MS Word or large print copies.

Staff capacity permitting we can produce print transcriptions of audio recordings (i.e. interviews or panel discussions) for hearing impaired students.

We can support you if you have been referred to us by the Disability Service.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and enable print disabled students to maximise their academic potential by removing barriers and providing accessible resources.