The e-Hub is packed with resources that will help you and complements the support you can access from your Career Boost team. From gaining hands-on work experience and accessing career coaching to developing specific skills and directly engaging with potential employers, you will get help that is guided, informed, and useful and the e-Hub will supplement this support.

Here's just a glance at the insights available on the platform:

  • Facing reality: Recognise and leverage the skills you’ve developed during your time at university or college and develop the professional ability you've cultivated throughout your academic journey with our e-Hub's insights.
  • Real-world problem-solving: More than just textbook knowledge, your university or college life primes you for the challenges of moving into a work environment. Explore how your academic activities equip you to tackle real-world scenarios.
  • The value of diversity: Dive deep into the merits of championing diversity and understand how fostering a mix of backgrounds drives innovation and broadens horizons.
  • Conflict resolution: Understand how your university experiences translate into your ability to resolve disputes constructively.
  • Transitioning to the professional world: understand the shift from individual academic achievements to embracing a team-first approach in the dynamic professional environment.
  • Adapting to workplace norms: take a look into the subtle, often unspoken rules of the modern workplace.
  • Acronyms and jargon: don’t get lost in translation. The e-Hub is here to simplify those confusing industry terms, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.


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