The Texas Strategic Partnership allows students in both Swansea and Texas to benefit from collaborations in teaching such as joint programmes, sharing of expertise and best practice, and collaborative student initiatives.

Read about some of our latest teaching collaborations in the Texas Partnership Newsletter Spring 2019.

Invent for the Planet

Invent for the Planet is an Intensive Design Experience which engages students at more than 40 universities around the world and tasks them with solving some of the world’s most pressing problems in just 48 hours.

Led by Texas A&M University, students work in local teams to develop and present possible solutions to challenges such as food security, waste management, energy consumption, and flooding.

Swansea is the only UK university invited to participate and in 2019 a Swansea team took 3rd place in the IFTP Grand Final in Texas.

Students working on a prototype

Matthew Ware,Graduate

"The opportunity to be based in Houston was one I couldn't refuse"

Houston Methodist Research Institute

Collaborative PhD

In 2012 Swansea University established a Collaborative PhD programme with Houston Methodist Research Institute.

Emerging from research collaborations in Nanotechnology, the programme enables students to spend the second and third years of their PhD in Houston. 

The programme's first graduate was Matthew Ware who went on to work at Baylor College of Medicine and helped set up the University's Applied Medical Sciences Texas Summer Programme.

Street Law

Colleagues from the School of Law and the University of Houston Law Center collaborated to develop a new module in Street Law at Swansea.

A free legal education programme delivered to schools or community groups, Street Law empowers people by informing them about the law, legal system and human rights in a democratic society.

Students develop and deliver a law session on a selected topic, allowing them to gain skills and confidence in communicating complex areas of law in ways which are accessible to members of the public. Since its introduction in 2017, Street Law sessions have been delivered to over 300 young people in schools and youth clubs.

Street Law Team

Street Law team

Earth in 2100

Dry twig

Earth in 2100

A collaboration between the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Department of Geography has allowed students at UT Austin to benefit from the expertise of Swansea academics.

Swansea's Prof Mary Gagen - a climate scientist who specialises in looking at how climate has changed in the past, and what clues that gives us about how it might change in the future - contributed lectures on a range of topics to "Earth in 2100", a new online module which develops students' knowledge of the science behind climate change, its potential impact, and the challenges facing the energy industry.