We are proud to be one of the top places in the UK to undertake clinical and health training and education. A number of our undergraduate NHS courses are funded by NHS Wales Bursary Scheme so that you can train and become the NHS Wales' next generation of Healthcare Scientists, Nurses, Midwives, Occupational Therapists, Operating Department Practitioners and Paramedics.

Any student studying an NHS course (Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Operating Department PractitionerParamedic Science, Healthcare Science) has the choice as to whether they receive funding from the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme, and therefore commit to working in NHS Wales for a number of years, or via Student Loans and Grants.

The NHS Wales Bursary Scheme

If you are choosing to study Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Occupational Therapy, Operating Department PractitionerHealthcare Science, you can choose to fund your studies through one of two ways: The NHS Wales Bursary Scheme or Student Loan and Grants, once you have decided your route, in normal circumstances students cannot change their funding route (exceptional cases will be considered through an appeals mechanism).

To receive funding from the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme, students will have to commit to working in Wales for 2 years following the completion of their course. (different timescales apply for courses longer or shorter than 3 years). We advise all students opting for The NHS Wales Bursary Scheme to check the NHS Wales Terms and Conditions.

EU students starting courses on or after 1 August 2021 must have settled or pre-settled status in the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme to get funding under the NHS Bursary Scheme.

What funding is available via the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme?

Available Courses on the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme

Healthcare Sciences
Student being taught anatomy

Healthcare Science Practitioners play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a huge number of medical conditions, working alongside doctors, nurses and other health professionals. If you are passionate about science and technology, and thrive on helping others, our Healthcare Sciences Degrees are funded by the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme and could be for you. 

Available Degrees:

Midwifery Nursing Occupational Therapy Operating Department Practitioner Paramedic Science