The Remuneration Committee has a wholly independent which is responsible for determining the Reward Strategy of the University and the remuneration of the most senior staff of the University including the Vice-Chancellor. The Committee is aligned with the CUC Higher Education Senior Staff Remuneration Code (November 2021) and publishes an annual report, which is available here: Remuneration Statement 2023

During the 2022-23 academic session, the Committee held four meetings, which focused on matters relating to remuneration, benefits and conditions of employment of new members of the Senior Leadership Team and senior staff positions; the remuneration process; the cost-of-living award; approving a remuneration statement which is aligned to the recommendations of the Higher Education Senior Staff Remuneration Code; and for the decision-making process for any severance arrangements.  

Lay Member of Council (Chair) Dr Angus Muirhead
Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Mr Goi Ashmore
Pro-Chancellor Sir Roderick Evans
Lay Member of Council Ms Elin Rhys
Lay Member of Council Professor Edward David
Lay Member of Council Professor Kathryn Monk
Lay Member Observer Mr Laurence Carpanini
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