For our September Intake

After you have received your results or an unconditional offer, we will send an offer of accommodation out to you by email and through your accommodation account. Please check your accommodation account as you will have 3 days to accept the offer and pay a reservation deposit to secure your room

We kindly ask that you are patient with us as we work through applications as quickly as possible.

We Allocate

  • Students with additional requirements
  • Early start courses
  • Then by date order, once you are accepted on your course of study

Some students may receive offers before others, but this does not mean you have not been allocated, we need to fill the flat/area before sending offers out.

When will I hear where I will be living?

  • Conditional offers: After your exam results - for most students, this means late August after your A-level results. We will confirm your accommodation allocation when your place at Swansea is confirmed following your results when your offer becomes unconditional.
  • Insurance or Clearing students: September.

International students: Do not accept an offer if you have not received any relevant legal documents such as your Visa/CAS letter to study, please contact us directly.

If your first year will be spent at The College, you will be offered guaranteed accommodation in the Rod Jones Complex, located on Bay Campus.

How are rooms allocated?

We will process applications following the below:

  • Category of Student - Unconditional then Conditional then Insurance and Clearing
  • Within the above category - we then allocate students with additional requirements first
  • Date of application - We allocate Unconditional & Conditional students applying by the 30 June first as they have a guaranteed offer of accommodation
  • Date course offer accepted

For allocations for the rest of the year October to June

  • We allocate by date of application and availability.