Hi! My name is Caterina, I am from Bucharest, Romania and I am a second year Public Relations and Media student. I joined Swansea University through the Clearing Process.

When I was in my last year of college I went to RIUF- Romanian International University Fair where I was very impressed with Swansea University’s media and communication department, modules and location. I decided to put Swansea University second on my list.

When the time came, I went to study in Rome, Italy. However, at the end of the academic year, I realized the university was not compatible with what I wanted from my studies and for my student experience. Therefore, my reason why I used clearing was that I changed my mind about the university at which I wanted to study. You can also use clearing if you have not achieved the grades you were expecting or you want to change to another course.

Caterina outdoors enjoying the countryside

The Clearing Process

Because I made up my mind to change my university in July, I was a perfect fit for the Clearing Process. I applied through UCAS online and the application was easy to follow and to complete. At the same time, I applied for student finance to cover the university fee.

What I wish I knew before is that applications go through a detailed process that can last until mid-September. Therefore, I came to Swansea to settle in for the academic year without knowing if I was in or not.

I was going through a period of stress because even if my grade was good with an equivalent of AAB, I was not sure of either the university application or the student finance application. Fortunately, the university helped me a great deal with my anxiety.

I corresponded with the university’s staff via email and they were extremely kind and friendly. They updated me on every step of the process. They understood my time of concern and kept me in contact with them until I was sure I got in.

When I finally got approved for both of my applications, the university offered me help with the accommodation process, finding my modules and updated me on everything I needed to know in order to have the easiest and loveliest student experience.

In addition, because I was worried about my financial status and how I would support myself without any external help, the university has offered me plenty of paid opportunity placements throughout the years. For example, as soon as I started the first year, I got a paid placement as a Student Caller for a month.

I was able to support myself, to contribute towards the university and to make more friends. I also got involved as a Student Ambassador, which is also a paid opportunity. These are great opportunities to engage and develop strong experience for your CV too.

Clearing Advice

My advice for potential students, whether you are thinking of applying to Swansea University through the Clearing Process or you are going through the process now, is to research. Do not forget that there is a Clearing Helpline and an Ambassador Chat.

You can use these options to communicate with existing students to get a feeling of the student life or to speak with a Clearing Professional that can alleviate your concerns and guide you through the application.

Make a list with your dream student experience and start to research for your perfect university. You can guide yourself by looking at academic quality, diversity, location, housing options and variety.

It is a great thing that Swansea University has them all and this is why I can say I truly recommend Swansea University. My student experience could not be better than this and I am a proud Swansea University student.