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Are you passionate about building a healthier world and influencing health policy? Do you want to enhance your leadership skills, design and deliver comprehensive care to achieve positive change? Swansea University's Public Health & Health Promotion and Health Care Management MSc programmes will give you the perfect grounding to launch your career in the global public health and healthcare sector.


If you are currently working in a health-related management role and want to build on your experience or are looking to develop your interest in this area, our Master’s degree in Health Care Management with its wide range of modules will springboard you into your desired career. Alternatively, Whether you are already a working professional, or new to the subject, our MSc in Public Health and Health Promotion is carefully designed to hone your research and analytical skills and enhance your knowledge to promote and protect public health so you can make a real difference to the health of people's lives.


What can I do with a healthcare management degree?

Many of our Health Care Management graduates have gone on to lead successful careers within the healthcare sector and have made a positive impact on people's lives and the community. Here is just a few of those careers and some examples of the routes you can go down:

  • Assistant Clinical Director
  • Long Term Care Manager
  • Quality Controller
  • Charity Sector Worker
Students in lecture

Our Student Stories

Toufeeq Mohammed, MSc Healthcare Management
Image of Toufeeq Mohammed

"I always wanted to get into management and administration, so this was the perfect course for me considering my previous work experience. I hope to develop and hone my skills as a healthcare practitioner and be able to transfer & apply those skills universally. I've also slowly started to develop a penchant for critically analysing every piece of work I read."

Find out more about Toufeeq's Student Story.

Christy Mathew, MSc Public Health and Health Promotion Esther Magano Nantana, MSc Public Health and Health Promotion

What do our Students think of their course?

Meet Madalina Pop, a former Public Health and Health Promotion MSc Swansea graduate, and now a Public Health Commissioner for the London Borough of Newham.

"Swansea University built on my professional skills to fight and defend public health. Here I learned to be even more passionate about my field and see public health as a way of living for me and for the communities I will help throughout my career. I would highly encourage students to experience studying at Swansea University. It is the perfect mix between a professional supportive environment to help you grow and fun student life. I met great people at Swansea University who will remain my friends for life."


Madalina Pop Public Health and Health Promotion Graduate