MASI Call for Proposals 2024/25


MASI is Swansea University’s Advanced Studies Institute. We are a pan-University movement full of purpose, focused on the highest quality transdisciplinary research that makes transformative, tangible improvements to life and understanding.

Launched by the First Minister of Wales in February 2021, we are now seeking proposals for our fourth round of investment, with funded work beginning August 2024.

The Call this year invites you to address the theme:  Delightful, hopeful, joyful discovery and innovation. Picture an everyday person, sitting on the “Swansea Omnibus”: what research could be done to bring a smile to their face; a sense of hope; and trajectories for fulfilment to them? What agendas, experiments and scholarship does this lens suggest, when addressing one or more of the following areas?

  • Resilient Futures
  • Equitable Futures
  • Sustainable Futures
  • Innovative Industrial Futures
  • Global South and Global North Futures

However, this list should not limit you. If your proposal responds to the core purpose of this Call to develop new research energies and trajectories, is transdisciplinary in nature and is ambitious and adventurous, please apply. 

What we are looking for

If you are already working in an established interdisciplinary team on your proposed topic, this call is probably not for you. Rather, we are looking for emergent teams across the University and beyond who want an opportunity to explore agilely a highly promising area and approach. Teams must consist of members from more than one discipline and with co-leadership from at least two Faculties. The approach will be transdisciplinary (where entirely new forms of methods and thinking evolve through the coming together of established disciplines) and the outlook will be high risk, high reward.

Proposals should lead to specific, valuable outputs during the award timeframe and lead to external grant application possibilities.

Who can apply?

All members of our community from PhD Researcher level onwards can be involved in a proposal. We particularly encourage applications from early career colleagues. A member of staff whose contract extends beyond the end of the award must be a part of the proposal team. While led by a Swansea colleague, the team can include colleagues in other universities globally. All members of the proposal team must discuss their proposal intention with their line manager before submission to ensure the activity supports the wider work of their Faculty and the University.

If you have previously received a Basecamp project in the 2021, 2022 or 2023 Calls, you are not eligible to apply for a 2024 Basecamp.

Categories of funding

Basecamp Projects: these 1-year activities (Aug 1st 2024-end July 2025), will carry out research in a sprint-like fashion, producing clear outputs, building capacity, carrying out feasibility work for external grant applications and/or future Summit Projects. We expect to fund 10 Basecamps at a maximum of up to £5,000 per Basecamp.

What we can fund

Basecamp projects can fund post-doc time/salaries, consumables, travel and subsistence. We do not fund investigator time or overheads.

How we will assess your application

Proposals will be assessed following UKRI-type protocols. All proposals will be reviewed by at least 3 non-conflicted colleagues drawn from the MASI Steering Committee, MASI Research Entrepreneurs and MASI Fellows. These reviews will be used as the basis of panel meetings that will rank order each proposal category. Proposals reaching the quality threshold will be funded until the resources are allocated.

Assessment criteria will include: 1) Quality (Novelty, Adventure, Ambition, Transformative Nature); 2) Fit to Call (specific and broad including the likelihood of future external grant funding); 3) Team; and, 4) Resources and Management. Criteria (1) and (2) are essential and primary criteria while (3) and (4) are important and secondary in nature.

How to apply

Proposals should be provided as a PDF, no more than 2 A4 pages in length (font no smaller than 11pt).  Please ensure your proposal demonstrates quality against all the assessment criteria. These PDFs should be uploaded via this online form:

If you are successful

MASI operates an “activist investor” approach – we will convene monthly meetings of all funded projects to encourage and nurture the work and to share best practice.

Important Dates

Call launched                  April 10th 2024

Proposal Building event   Wednesday 5th June. Computational Foundry

Deadline                         Thursday 27th June 2024, 12pm

Outcomes                       By the end of July 2024.

Projects start                  August 1st 2024.