What is Biochemistry and Medical Biochemistry?

Our Biochemistry degree will enable you to study the chemical processes that occur within living organisms, working to understand the process of life itself and building the skills and knowledge to work as a biochemist in a range of industries.

Medical Biochemistry will equip you with the skills and knowledge to understand how cells work at a molecular level, building the skills and knowledge to develop new ideas and products that are applied to the biggest health challenges we face today.

Your Options

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Our Student Stories

Ffion Evans
image of Ffion

"Whilst choosing a university, the ability to study through the medium of Welsh was very important to me. Swansea University offer Biochemistry partly in Welsh. On the open day the campus felt homely and the staff were friendly, supportive and very enthusiastic about the course.

At school, Biology and Chemistry were my favourite subjects. I have a keen interest in the changes that happen to the body as it suffers from different diseases, especially degenerative conditions.

Therefore, studying Biochemistry expands my understanding of these subjects and I had the chance to do a research project on a degenerative disease in my fourth year."

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What careers could be open to me when i graduate?

100% of our Biochemistry Graduates are in Employment or further study 6months after study. Biochemistry is a practical science with applications in many other biological fields. The core knowledge, abilities and skills of a biochemist allow them to succeed in various industries from hospitals to universities, agriculture, cosmetics, education, and pharmaceuticals.

You can choose a 3-year BSc degree or, if you’re particularly interested in pursuing a research career, our 4-year MSci degree. If you choose Medical Biochemistry, you can also follow our Pathway to Medicine. By tailoring your studies, you can work towards the career you want.

This course is also one of our Pathways to Medicine degrees offering the opportunity of a guaranteed interview for Graduate Entry Medicine, helping you achieve your ambition to study Medicine and become a Doctor. They are ideal if you:

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Explore Your Biochemistry Course Options

Researcher in Lab

Biochemistry courses cover a wide range of topics focussed on the study and treatment of disease. Biochemists based in our state-of-the-art facilities explore the biochemical function of cells in living organisms from bacteria to plants, animals, and humans. This research directly feeds into your learning and teaching outcomes meaning our students are at the forefront of research into the many clinical challenges being faced across the world. We have a variety of modes of study available to prospective students from a BSc with foundation, a three year BSc, and our 4 year MSci which integrates in-depth research projects into your studies.  

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