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About the Podcast

Swansea University's Academy of Learning & Teaching investigates the rapidly changing world of the Higher Education environment. In each episode, we search out food for thought to make change more palatable, covering topics like learning and teaching strategies, learning environments, inclusive pedagogy, educational technology, innovation, and most importantly - making connections.

The podcast was launched in July 2021, and has put the spotlight on staff and students from across the University including Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Lecturers, Students' Union Officers, Students past and present, Support Staff, Archivists and even Groundsmen, enabling them all to share their unique perspectives and valuable contributions to Higher Education.

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New episodes are released on the last Tuesday of every month, along with occasional bonus episodes during the month when topical and exciting developments arise. You can find each episode, along with a set of show notes and a transcript in the catalogue below.