The University must carry out and record a Welsh language skills assessment for each new and replacement role. This supports the University's commitment to normalising the use of the Welsh language and is a legal requirement under the Welsh Language Standards.

Each post will be allocated on of the following levels:

Level 0 – No Welsh required

Level 1 – ‘a little’ e.g. pronounce Welsh words, place names, department names. Able to answer the phone in Welsh (good morning / afternoon). Able to use of learn very basic every-day words and phrases (thank you, please, excuse me). Level 1 can be reached by completing a one-hour training course.

Level 2 – ‘fairly well’ e.g. able to understand a fair range of job-related correspondence, including when standard language is used. Able to keep up a simple conversation on a work related topic, but may need to revert to English to discuss complex or technical information. Able to write reasonably accurate reactive (non-specialised) correspondence in Welsh

Level 3 – ‘fluently’ e.g. able to conduct a fluent conversation in Welsh on work-related matter. Able to write original Welsh material with confidence

Please outline in your application for the post in question how you meet the allocated Welsh language level.

For Level 1 posts, this level can be achieved once you start your post by completing a one-hour training course covering Welsh language basics and general Welsh language awareness.

Level 2 and 3 posts will usually be assessed during the interview, with the possible addition of a written task as appropriate. Internal courses are available free of charge for fluent Welsh speakers who would like to improve their confidence in using Welsh at work.

Please note, under the Welsh Language Standards, you are entitled to an interview through the medium of Welsh. Elements of the interview may still be in English if you are required to communicate bilingually in the role.