The Swansea Alumni network is made up of 165,000 graduates worldwide! We love having such an expansive international community, and we're so proud of all our Swansea grads. Although many of you will have left Swansea when you graduated, you'll always carry a little bit of Wales (and the language) with you - even if it's just a 'Shwmae!'

To celebrate the festive season, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Welsh holiday phrases and the English translation. Will you have a go at using these Welsh phrases this Christmas?

Merry Christmas Nadolig Llawen Na-doh-lig lla-when
Father Christmas Sion Corn Shaun Korr-n
Snow Man Dyn Eira Dean Eye-rah
Star Seren Se-ren
Reindeer Carw Kah-roo
Tree Coeden Coy-den
Gift Rhodd Rho-dd
Stocking Hosan Hos-ann
Holly Celyn Keh-lynn
Happy New Year Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Bl-oi-ddin New-idd Dd-ah
Cheers Iechyd da! ya-key da

We've also created this list of celebration messages from around the world, so you can wish your fellow alumni a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you try any of these festive phrases out, we'd love it if you shared it with us on our social media channels!

Happy Holidays from the Swansea Uni Alumni team