To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, we've put together this list of words and phrase, and the Welsh translation. Share the love this Valentine's Day by trying some of these phrases in Welsh, and make sure to tag us on Social Media!

Happy St Dwynwen’s Day Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus Deeth Sahn-tess Dooyn-when Ha-pis
Happy Valentine’s Day Dydd San Ffolant Hapus Deeth Sahn Pho-lant Ha-pis
I love you Rwy’n dy garu di Rooyn duh garee dee
Kiss Sws Soos
Hug Cwtsh Kootch
Lots of love Cariad mawr Kar-eead Maoor
Love Cariad Kar-eead
Card Cerdyn Ker-din