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There's more than one way to be Welsh!

With the World Cup beginning shortly, we’re very proud and excited to see Wales in the tournament for the first time since 1958! In celebration, we’ve created the below list of Welsh sporting phrases, and the phonetic pronunciation, so you can cheer Wales along with us! You can even impress your non-Welsh-speaking friends with your Welsh vocab.

If you try out any of these Welsh phrases, we'd love it if you took a video to share with us. We might even post it on our social media channels.

EnglishWelshPhotenic pronounciation
Good luck Wales  Pob lwc Cymru Paw-b l-ook come-ree
Come on, Wales!  Ymlaen, Cymru! Uh-mm-line come-ree
The red wall  Y wal goch  Uh waal goch
Still here  Yma o hyd Uh-ma o heed
Wales forever/long live Wales Cymru am Byth Come-ree am bith
Man of the match Dyn y gêm Deen ee geen
Come on boys Amdani bois  Am-dan-ee boy-ss
Goal Nod N-aw-d

We would also love to see photos of you supporting Wales or your own team during the tournament. Get your team colours on and get your camera ready. It will be fantastic to see our Swansea Uni community supporting Wales from all around the world!

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