What is the Community Grant?

Our Community Grant awards up to £250 to a student society who has an idea of how to improve a geographic community that will benefit both students and community members. This can be something as simple as a litter pick or beautification project, or a larger community event. If you have any questions or queries, you are welcome to get in touch with the community team who will be happy to assist you. 

Application, Eligibility & Guidance Notes

The Neighbourly Award

Community @CampusLife hosts the Neighbourly Award for Swansea University students. These students will be nominated by local residents for their contribution to the community and outstanding neighbourly behaviour. Swansea University aims to encourage students to be valuable members of society. The skills needed to be a good neighbour will be important for a lifetime.

Here is the criteria when considering someone to nominate:

  • Getting to know one's neighbours
  • Being aware and considerate of noise throughout the day and night
  • Disposing of waste appropriately and responsibly
  • Being an active member of the community.

Have you had exceptionally considerate and helpful student neighbours? Has an individual student, student house or society supported residents to make a difference to where you live? Please share your reasons so they can receive the recognition they deserve. You can submit a nomination using the form below:

Nomination Form - Neighbourly Award