Community @Campus Life: What We Do

The Community Team are here to help you feel safe and connected to your local community, as well as supporting you through any issues you may experience while living off campus.

We aim to promote community cohesion between our students and local residents through our services. This can be through support such as helping you manage complaints procedures, or more positively hosting events in the community for students and residents alike. 

You can contact your Community Liasion Team by emailing

Their role is to represent both students and community members, as well as liaising with our partners in the local council, police and private accommodation. If you have any questions, queries, or concerns about living out in the community then please do get in touch! The team can also help with signposting to more appropriate services if and when required.

Remember to abide by the Student Charter which can be found here.

Top Tips to Avoid Waste/Rubbish issues

Make sure you put the correct bins out on the correct days! Making sure that any food waste is contained within your food waste bin and NOT in your black bins, as this leads to the bags being ripped open by the pesky seagulls! Making sure that any food containers are washed before placing in the relevant bins is also a great way to avoid this. If you require new bags, you can collect new bags from these locations for free!

If you’re interested in keeping the local area clear of rubbish, we suggest following organisations such as 2minutebeachclean and Don’t Be A Tosser, who organise large-scale beach litter picks when they are most necessary. You can also volunteer with Discovery on regular litter picking sessions with fellow students and community members. 

Top Tips to Avoid Noise Complaints:

Students and community members will often lead different lifestyles, with differing hours of activity, which can sometimes mean that amplified noise can be disruptive.  Issues, such as slamming doors, using the stairs or talking, do not qualify for noise complaints. Fire doors can often slam shut, so please be aware of this and be considerate of the noise they make!

Amplified noise, such as from speakers and televisions can cause disruption for neighbours. As a rule, if you can hear your music or TV when you are outside the home, then they are likely too loud.

Common Issues & How We Can Help:

Do you have an idea that will improve your local community?

Image shows a group of students on the beach, gathered around collected plastic and rubbish.

Our Community Grant awards up to £250 to a student group who has an idea of how to improve a geographic community that will benefit both students and community members. This can be something as simple as a litter pick or beautification project, or a larger community event. Find out more about our simple and short application process here, you’re always welcome to reach out for help and advice.

Check out what events CampusLife are running!

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CampusLife regularly host a wide variety events for all students (and staff) to come and enjoy. From trips to smaller activities, there is something for everyone! It's also a great way to meet new friends, so come along and see what our events are all about! Click HERE to find out more!