Golbou: "Fantastic"

Student Golbou Makvandi

Justice: "Has shown me how strong I am"

Student Justice Caldwell

Giovanni: "An adventure"

Giovanni Ontiveros

Erika: "An experience of a lifetime"

Student Erika Patino

Andrea: "Unforgettable"

Student Andrea Martinez

Taj: "Welcoming"

Student Taj Shah

Erin: "A Great Opportunity"

Student Erin Livermore
Golbou Makvandi

Golbou Makvandi (University of Houston): Semester Abroad, Swansea University

“I was so excited about the University being right across from the beach! It’s one of the main things that pulled me to choose Swansea. 

The best thing that came out of my study abroad was the friendships I formed: I expected to be friendly with my flatmates, but I never thought we would become as close as we did! I travelled across Europe with some of them and we’re still in contact almost every day.

I would recommend everyone to do a study abroad program, but Swansea specifically is a fantastic city on the beach and you cannot go wrong by choosing it!"

Giovanni Ontiveros (UT Austin): Internship Exchange, Swansea University

"My time in Wales was far better than anything I could have possibly imagined!

The internship offered me a wide variety of skills that I will be able to take into my future work environment. Every day I was tasked with something new - everything from casework to speech writing - and every new task taught me something different and useful.

The internship program was an adventure and an experience that I will cherish and remember forever."

Giovanni Ontiveros
Meredith Davies

Meredith Davies (Texas A&M University): Semester Abroad, Swansea University

"Living in Swansea was exciting because I don’t go to school in a large city. Swansea is big enough to have a lot going on, but small enough so it isn’t overwhelming. The University is very welcoming to exchange students - it put on events for inbound students and staff are always available to answer questions.

The best thing about my exchange was all the travelling! I was able to go to Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Austria, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, and Poland! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to experience so many cultures in such a short time."

Erika Patino (University of Houston): Semester Abroad, Swansea University

“One of the greatest things about my experience abroad was meeting people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. I made so many new friends from around the world and the memories I shared with them are something I will cherish forever.

Swansea is conveniently located for traveling to other places and I visited Dublin, Ibiza, Spain, Crete and Athens. 

My advice to anyone thinking of studying abroad at Swansea University is DO IT! From the friendly staff at uni and the new friends you’ll make, to the education experience and the affordability of living in Swansea, it’s an experience of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.”

Erika Patino
Taj Shah

Taj Shah (Texas A&M University): Semester Abroad, Swansea University

“The best thing about my exchange was the people, who were awesome. I found the Welsh to be some of the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met.

I thought the location of Swansea was great because of its proximity to the other countries of Europe. I visited England, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Poland while I was in Europe.

The highlights for me were the evenings spent on the beach around a bonfire with all of the friends I had made."

Andrea Martinez (UT Austin): Internship Exchange, Swansea University

"My semester at Swansea University has been the greatest experience of my life.

I loved my internship with Swansea City of Sanctuary. Working with the non-profit organization made be realize what I actually wanted to do career-wise after graduating university.

I can honestly say I have made friends for life during my time in Swansea. In such a short amount of time, not only did I learn about different politics, but I learned a great deal about the world and myself making this experience truly rewarding and unforgettable."

Andrea Martinez
Justice Caldwell

Justice Caldwell (University of Houston): Semester Abroad, Swansea University

"Swansea is ideally located for exploring the UK and Europe and I visited London, Paris, Rome, and the Catalunya region of Spain, as well as Cardiff and Carmathen, Wales.

Swansea is an inexpensive place to study and the agreement between my home university and Swansea allowed me to pay tuition to UH and bring my financial aid with me to Wales.

I was worried going 5,000 miles from home but the experience has allowed me to grow as an adult, as a student, and as a traveller. Studying abroad has shown me how strong I am."

Charlene Morrison (Texas A&M University): Semester Abroad, Swansea University

“Signing up for a study abroad program was the greatest decision I’ve ever made.

Being a student in Swansea was great - the courses offered matched my degree plan and are all at your pace. Best perk though? Exiting class and being able to step right onto the beach.

I was able to visit 10 countries whilst on exchange, including Austria, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

I would definitely go back and do it all over again because it was the best 5 months of my life.”

Charlene Morrison
Erin Livermore

Erin Livermore (Texas A&M University): Semester Abroad, Swansea University

"My favorite part of the exchange was getting to explore Wales - the Gower Peninsula is gorgeous and has amazing hiking trails. The highlight was a day trip that my friends and I took to Three Cliffs Bay. We made many memories that day and it is one I will never forget.

During my exchange, I travelled to Cardiff, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stonehenge, Dublin, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Madrid, Copenhagen, Venice, and London. 

Studying abroad is a great opportunity, so my advice is if you have the opportunity, take it!"