Marged Ann Smith

MA Development and Human Rights, Rhydargaeau

Image of Marged Ann Smith

"I think the theme is a very important topic this year. As an individual I have always shown an interest and belief in equality. I feel it is important to encourage the youth of the world to understand and demand equality because it affects everyone of all nationalities, cultures and identities. In addition, I am studying a masters degree in Development and Human Rights, so the subject complimented my my studies nicely. 

"Contributing to the message has been a great experience. The meetings and workshops were lively with everyone having the opportunity to discuss this complex subject in an informed and respectful way. I'm very excited to see the message in its entirety after all our work! The experience of contributing to the message has shown me that my voice is valuable and I can use it to make a positive change in society. 

"The experience has enabled me to gain more confidence when applying for jobs as I step into the world of work once I finish my course. I am determined not to let the fact that I am a woman stop me from seeking new opportunities."

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