Quality Review

The Quality Review Process

The Quality Review process has been designed to be data informed, risk based and to deliver a focused approach to Quality Assurance and Enhancement, reflecting national changes and the QAA’s revised approach to institutional Quality Enhancement Reviews in Wales.

The Quality Review itself considers the findings and actions of the Annual Programme Review process for the previous five years, within the context of a broader and more holistic review approach. The Quality Review takes into account all aspects which drive or impact upon the student experience, including learning, teaching and assessment; research performance and its interface with teaching; departmental culture and practice; and  other quality assurance information (such as Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) engagement), ensuring that the approach is integrated and avoids duplication of effort where appropriate. 

The Quality Review Process applies to ALL subject areas and programmes, including newly introduced programmes where cohorts have yet to graduate and programmes subject to professional/statutory body accreditation.

Academic Quality Services has developed an optimised and graded approach to implementing the Quality Review ProcessThis ensures that it is lean and robust, pro-active and flexible and tailored according to need. 

Quality Review normally takes place every five years, in cases where a programme performs within defined parameters and is assessed as low risk.

If the subject area/programme has been subject to an Enhanced Quality Review, the Quality Review point will change to ensure a five-year review process is maintained, unless otherwise determined through risk assessment.